Friday, October 9, 2015

The alignment is necessary.  It allows the senses to be honed, and that is the goal of any artist, any mind really, too see things fully, to see the reality before us.  Here are bees in number touching upon the yellow center of stands of purple flowers, equal clusters.    Notice each tree, the clouds in the sky, the green of early October in the mid-Atlantic.  The cathedral rises like a tiny model of itself complete in the distance.   This is a good place for me, not at all bad for a country boy who went through Amherst streets.

In retrospect I don't mind that I found within that artist willing to be as gentle as I was.  I was too sensitive, but it worked out in the sense that I'd found a professional calling that suited me.  I disguised the fact of being so, such a seemingly passive observer of life, but to be passive is to truly see and by seeing then understand some shape of why things are so in our reality here on earth.

The saint understands the visible, sees beauty, sees the appropriate perfection of the way things are just as they are.

I took a walk,  and drank in the life around me.  "My balls are in a sling, but all I want to do, is sing."

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