Monday, October 5, 2015

If we realize what wine is, where it comes from, one of life's staples, coming from the sun and the earth, closely linked with the Eucharistic sacrament as a healing power of God's love even for the sinful, the mortal, then we are properly aligned with it and finally know its place.  This is important to one who'd serve it as a professional, responsible for the reality of its deep hospitality.   That is why I always found it easy to show that hospitality even if I might have otherwise not felt up for that.  A barman doesn't have the option of dialing it in too often, suspended or washed over by the tide of the night.

I found that my hospitality increased as I suffered, speaking of the sweetness that older people have toward the young.

The next session I wondered aloud to my therapist about my shyness, my social anxieties, if fear of failure and nervousness results in the failure of having not tried things.  "You don't seem like someone who is socially awkward, or asocial..."  Well, there's a lot that goes in people's heads.  I guess that's why I give them space.

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