Sunday, October 25, 2015

Let's see... busy night.  3 top, 2 top, 2 top, followed by 3 top on 60 in the wine room, then a 4 out front on 54, a three on 52, bar,      Then a 6 top, and then a 9 top back in the room, 2 2 tops at the bar, a gal from Australia.

I hit the Safeway after work.  Sliced turkey breast, pre-made grass-fed beef burger patties, ezekial english muffins, biotene toothpaste.  My back is feeling better now that I'm up and at my shift, and now it's after my shift.  They're washing floors, the aisles are jammed with restocking carts and plastic crates, plastic wrapped items in their boxes.  I'm on my way home after a busy Saturday night.

Bread Soda, I drop in, have one glass of wine, sit outside on a high stool, call it a night, Zee Burger, cab, talk with a best college bud when I get in.

In such a job you fall into a rhythm.  And it's not bad, because it can fit in with what Alan Watts puts into terms in Myth and Ritual in Christianity, with, say a modest reading of the sermons of Jesus brought down to earth.  Thus did I set out to be a kind of spiritual counselor, if I were to follow through with my deeper values.

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