Thursday, March 5, 2015

In my spiritual pursuits that went in conjunction with tending bar in restaurants, I heard a lot of music, and that part of the job made me happy.  I didn't take the music to be anything more or less then the good stuff it was.  I absorbed it.  Lyle Lovett singing "If I had a boat..." during my day shifts.  Hank Williams, "Why Don't You Love Me..." and Marty Robbins over early dinner service.  Later on at night, The Cure, The English Beat, REM, along with Dwight Yoakum, Elvis, Joe Ely, The Neville Brothers, Clarence Gatemouth Brown as well as Junior Brown, Jerry Garcia.

Artistic stuff comes from beyond, when we are open up to listen.   We receive how to do something ourselves after listening to it.  It comes easily, when we simply trust ourselves and listen.  The art is there, it just comes through us.

That's why I've never fussed about where I've worked.  Anyone in the world could come in, and many did, and I talked to them.  And for me it was a space, each a pub, a public house, in its own way, given its own guise.

The full moon is cleansing.  It reminds us of what we are really doing, in, and on, its own terms of earthy creativity.  Art and music come easily.

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