Thursday, July 24, 2014

The adrenal thing, that was his whole problem in the PT boat episode.  I mean, take a good looking guy like him, put him at war, give him a boat.  Of course he's going to get fired up.  And when you're fired up like that, well, it's pretty easy to make a mistake, to not focus properly.  You do what you think you should be doing, and then you just can see so well, and get right in the way of something dark coming at you in the middle of the night.  The perfect crash.  Because of the adrenal system.  Doing guy stuff.  Adventure. Not the most circumspect of modes.

Interestingly enough, the whole PT 109 episode, with Kennedy swimming so far, looking to signal a friendly ship out in the channel, that too was all on adrenaline.

And sometimes, yes, our adrenal response can sort of burn out.  Failure of it.

So was it interesting to see his response later on, to retell the story, as when he was President.  Looking back on it, the model of the boat.  Interesting to hear him tell the story as a candidate.

A natural human response, and that, being human, is of course, imperfect.

And the comment would be similar to something like, "he couldn't keep his pants on (as far as women and appropriate behavior," but again this says something in general about that wild system of his adrenal charge, whether or not this was when he was under cortisone treatment, as it would seem, the boost would bring him back to his adventurous ways....

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