Friday, July 18, 2014

But my vision was always beatific, a bit more sad, a bit more inclusive of the main water of human experience, of the "infinitely gentle, infinitely suffering thing," even as it may not have come at an opportune moment, what can you do.  And I've been blessed by a mother who could always understand that, both the general suffering quality of human experience, but also a way to cheer up enough to go onward.

And it's true:  a woman should regard her man as a dark horse, as a brave and noble struggling survivor who puts the good of others first, who sees him not as a fumbling jerk but an underdog, a Lincoln, a JFK caught in the present time of his struggles.  And Lincoln sought to undo through the nobility of law the horror of the Mongol horde, of winner take all, and probably too would he stand against the freak of genetic blood that makes an attitude of the amassed wealth of the One Percent.

A man need not be perfect.  Indeed, he should be flawed and vulnerable, and admitting all that.  He should not be proud of himself.  But if he's left to grow, from boyhood, through all the confusion and disappointment, and somehow not fallen, then, maybe he becomes something like a man.  A man, who like Taxi Driver, has a feral reaction...

As if like a President who would say to the warring factions of the world, "look, here's what your reckless disregard for human life, for civilians, for the poor and suffering creature, looks like."

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