Sunday, May 25, 2014

I agree--it is tiresome analyzing everything, going around in circles.  But what else are you going to do?  How else are you going to climb out of the mess?  How else are you going to see clearly?

War is a by-product of the egotism of story telling, the addiction of believing in a story 'that must be true.'  A coworker taking a Masters in Peace and Conflict Resolution talked to us one day over our pre shift "family meal" about the million centuries old blood feuds and avenging that make up Middle East conflict.  Good luck, Francis.  May you succeed in taking the ego away from the Christian story to reveal its older Buddhist wisdom of laying aside things of the ego, aside with the sense of concrete self, aside with the compelling quality of the illusionary world.  Turn off the great ongoing Game of Thrones and awaken humanity from conflict, reciprocal attack, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, prejudice.

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