Monday, May 12, 2014


I wrote, a while ago, about how the fundraisers bug my retired mom.  Which was not fair to Obama, who is obliged to raise money to fight those with the agenda to defeat Affordable Health Care and a lot of other good programs, those lobbied against by those who have lots of corporate money to throw around, particularly now that it's blind.

Mom has a bumper sticker on her old Corolla, "No Billionaire Left Behind."

What option do we have to fight them and their agenda, their vision of how they should lead us, and what we will be like.

The internet entrepreneurs wanted us all to have devices, to be plugged in.  And now, kids don't even read anymore.  Thanks, billionaires, applause to your great vision.  Maybe dumbing us all down was part your secret intent.

The Koch brothers, sons of the John Birch Society rabid anti JFK guy big in Dallas circles, do about all they can to derail the things a government tries to do to help people, like affordable health care that doesn't leave us at the whims of profit-minded corporations.  They work on all levels, Citizens United, every where they can get into, a sphere of influence.  Their dream:  that the mega-rich will live secluded unto themselves, not having to pay taxes, never having to see poor people ( at least those who aren't obliged by employment to behave.)

I don't blame the folks who send me emails, asking for help, to support Obamacare, etc….

But what is one's root argument against the billionaires?  Other than that they mow down forests and plunder earth and sky for personal profit…  Well, basically, it is that they are sensualists, the utter polar opposite of the Dalai Lama.  They crave mansions, the deal in things of the world, worldly pleasures, yachts, the Hamptons, exclusive penthouses looking over Central Park.  Their very wealth is based on such things.  How about living a simple life, riding a bike to work, getting your city to accommodate the human form with parks, green space for all, bike lanes, solar powered buildings…

Ah yes, that wonderful billionaire vision governing our lives, teasing and enticing us with the products of sensuality, the fancy car full of power, the bright screen full of tower of babel, preaching to us that it is all good stuff… As opposed to our own subtle quiet inner wisdom, that says, 'no thank you, I'd rather turn all my devices off, read a book, talk to my fellow humanity, go for a walk in the woods, a park we all share.'

That ole' billionaire vision, about it all being about this life and this life only...

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