Thursday, April 10, 2014

"… But it is the Gretsch Country Gentleman of 1962 that is a guitar to have.  That is the one with timbre.  A big thud.  'Last night I saw you in the restaurant…'  And George Harrison does that beautiful simple octave thing, 'Please me, oh yeah, like I please you.'  I hear they are tricky guitars to play, with the floating bridge, very bright sound, good for twang, but limited, so they say.  But they went for the big sound of Nashville, The Beatles, and I find myself drawn to them.

"Then there is the Telecaster.  Leo Fender's secrets.  The bridge pick-up, that metal plate underneath, unlike the Stratocaster, that gives a weird resonator sort of thing.  There is evil in a Tele, you have to tame it.  And with the tone control, the neck pickup you can get a smooth jazz sound out of it.  The Strat doesn't have that.

Tossed off Hemingway imitation

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