Thursday, February 27, 2014

Viewed on tv after a long shift:  PBS--why a Nova piece on luxury sky scraper 57 something, near the Essex House?  Is that what they did with my hundred bucks?  I liked the workers, I felt for the other people involved with the promotional, but, is that what we need to talk about in today's world, the high luxury end, the $19 million condo?  Did I really see this on public educational television?  A bathtub being cut out of Italian marble?  This is not educational.  Anyone can do that.  Does it make a bathtub better?  Where's the old claw foot?  When PBS starts preaching vanity, then you know.  And it was a preaching, a subtle lesson, why not, go for the big bucks and the spending of big bucks.  I watched it, stomached it, didn't want to take it out on anyone in particular, but, this is exactly what a new good religious figure, Francis, is telling us about, the economy coming before man and woman.  Blindsiding material bandwagon, trickle down jobs, bold entrepreneurship…

Rant rant rant.  I'm provoked into such thoughts as I shake off dealing with the drunk hyper guy who feels like the bar where I work is his personal playhouse.  Is that Zeppelin?  Is that Floyd?  Each and every song, the guy has to talk about it.  You need a haircut, he says, trying to push a way into my wall of ignoring him.  A few minutes later, I come back from bringing the singer's PA system downstairs, load it in the back of her SUV--she strained her back recently--and K has plugged his iPhone music into the bar's sound system.  I quickly unplug it, which garners another comment, whoa…  and a chuckle from the man quietly finishing a small dinner after a long day.

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