Monday, September 30, 2013

Never let people make you an outsider.  That's one of the lessons you learn.   People who want to be insiders, because of ego, treat you, make you out to be, like an outsider.  And if you're not careful it can make you depressed.  Then it becomes easier for other people to hop on the bandwagon, making you out to be a deviant.  But being who you are,  your self a creature of yoga, you never were an outsider, but just rather at the center, one of the kind people, non-judgmental, probably one of the quieter types rather than the loud ones.  So, in that state, is one always able to recover, enduring the depressing situations of life, rising again, to a night shift, to a lack of a retirement plan, to your own lack of happiness or sense of career purpose.  And you go about your day as best as you can, a quiet insider, doing what is natural, enduring.

I feel the serotonin kick in when I write.  It's something similar to watching Walter White fixing the guys of Aryan Brotherhood meth lab in Breaking Bad's final episode, or Gary Cooper in High Noon, or in reading the fresh words of a fresh Pope.  Writing is just good for an aching brain that woke up feeling not much reason to get up earlier than one has to.  This might be something more important if you have Type O blood, but I wouldn't doubt if it's fairly universal.

We are a judgmental lot, let's face.  Judgment is a large part of our economic system, after all, socioeconomic reality.  So it is a religious teaching that we 'practice generosity,' 'give alms,' 'embrace the poor,' not simple to give money to poor people, hand outs for people down on their luck, but to correct our learned tendency to so judgmental, and perhaps it works as well to realize that those we might judge to be happy and well-off and living beautiful lives are basically just as unhappy as our own selves.  The additional problem is one of becoming more judgmental out of social standing and perceived identity, as if such came out of discriminating tastes for the finer things and people.  And that might take the brightness out of one's soul, and dampen the natural connection with other beings, transform real relationships with overblown false hyped political ones differing from democratic equality.

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