Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bill O'Reilly is saying it's all a matter of "evil."  That's what the school shooting is, according to him, an outbreak of "evil," and he's backed up by the dramatic Geraldo.  Evil, comparable to the Nazi death camps.

Things are a little more thoughtful, mindful, over at MSNBC.  The acknowledgement of the gunman's possible autism, mental health issues.   Such people we allow to have guns and lots of bullets, make it easy, make the assault weapon prevalent enough to fall into such hands.

Back at O'Reilly's factor, or whatever he calls it, O'Reilly is smugly claiming:  he knows evil, he knows evil when he sees it.  (This is what sets him apart as a righteous individual, better than 'others' and Obama.)  There is evil in the world and we have to deal with it.  There is absolutely not even the slightest thought of mentioning 'gun control.'  This, in such an O'Reilly world of righteousness (and self-righteousness), is beside the point.  Evil is in the perpetrator.  It's not a question of society setting up such a disaster to happen almost willfully.

Guns are entrenched, as Bobby Kennedy suggested in '68, as a part of the economy, part of the GNP, as was Whitman's rifle, part of that fancy of "American life."  Perhaps it is impossible to separate the good gun use and the possibility of the bad.  It requires thought, and without leadership, quality leadership, this is impossible.

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