Monday, October 3, 2016

The type A senior economist and the type B expert in matters of the world as it is, holes in the walls to go to in Sardinia and Corsica, have left, and that leaves three, and knowing them, I ask, or say, as they have empathy, I bet you have type O blood.  And they nod, and say, yes, they do.  "why?"  Oh, just a hunch.

They look at me, and I say, well...  And I think of John F. Kennedy, and other things about how a person might go about conducting health of the good sort, say, 'you need aerobic activity, and that's just what you're doing with those dance classes...'

I tell them about him, as he's a sort of poster boy, man, with all the issues.  I tell these last people about this, because, well, it's my job, if viewed archaically., not that anyone gives a real ....  about this aspect of a job which will never show up on tax returns or the basic corporate model of how the modern serf must behave  in order to fit in.

Jack.  His pains.  All the inflammatory issues.  Guts.  Joints.  The adrenal factor, as Irish people need their seaweed, as well as their barrooms in this the modern world.

I mean, look at him.  As someone said, watching him walk a parade as the young skinny congressman back in Boston, 'look, he's a purebred,' or a thoroughbred, and this was true.  He had all the gifts, an upright spine, a way of being in the tribe, animal magnetism.

And the bravery, to deal with all that pain.  The eroding spine, from the medications to treat his adrenal deficiency.  That operation, fusing vertebrae, he lives with pain the rest of his life, after that, so he could walk.  Gut issues, before the whole understanding of the benefits of a break from glutens and wheat, hybridized, the standard american diet, different from every town in Europe in which there is a market, fresh produce and whatnot, at least two days a week.

There the guys impossible gifts, his adaptable agile ability, thanks to voice lessons, and training, and the basic fact of being thrown out there to do it, to be a politician, as he did so in the true sense, mastering issues, and travel, and all matter of things, well, he became himself, gifted handsome guy.

But there is still the pain, all that which was put upon him largely through medical treatments of all the issues that are basic endemic issues of anyone who walks around with type O blood in their veins and every cell.  His voice lives on, great voice, great speeches, great humor, a great Irishman.

The guy had guts, when you see him walk into, upright, back brace holding him together, pelvis, lower back, into the old place of press conference, (before Nixon filled the old white house swimming pool with bricks), an auditorium in the State Department building, just above the Lincoln Memorial and several other buildings.  Standing upright,just to get there boldly, and field questions as a was a certain joy for him to d, livening him, and the rest of us.

The morbid pictures of him, one wonders, is he still there, where did he go, so vital he was.

People nod, one is taking medicine for thyroid issues, one is a sailor, one works out and fasts, on and on, and all this is true if you, like I, are type O.

(Thank you, Ingrid, by the way, for turning me on to the whole theory and explanation.)

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