Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Yes, it is a struggle, to find a way of thinking about the present situation you find yourself in as a kind of 'middle path,' to see the good in it as well as recognize the danger of it, to see the wholesomeness of wine, coming from the earth, representative of a terroir, a medicine that enhances the dining experience, while knowing the personal danger of it, to see the good of being employed around good people, while knowing the isolation that can only be treated with exercise, yoga and mediation, to see the good the raw material of the interaction for a stimulated mind, as well as how the long duties of it channel away the energies in a  way very far from the writer's idea.

And the world is cliquish, everyone falling into their camps, wishing to belong, and those with clout, like Bill Gates, funding his own vision of public education with the use of big data.  And the wise are because they know the truth of 'no self,' of the illusion that can only be the force and will of a strong self intent on conquering a corner of the world.

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